CoreBoo™ Solid / Felt Slat Wall

Our CoreBOO Slat Wall products provide diffusion by breaking up soundwaves and dampening sound that would otherwise reflect back out into the room. Made from long solid strips of laminated bamboo, the options vary within each assembly, allowing for a multitude of installation options and application types.

In the CoreBOO Solid / Felt Slat Wall design, laminated strips are affixed to either a Recycled PET substrate (9mm or 12mm) or a solid multi-layer plywood substrate (5mm; painted black). The Recycled PET provides NRC values ranging from 0.30-0.85 (based on installation method), while the plywood assembly version focuses strictly on diffusion.


  • Large-format wall panel
  • Available in multiple colorways to accentuate design.
  • Standard and simple installation methods
  • Class A fire-rating (ASTM E84-17)

Spacing Design Options

Panel Dimension:
400mm width x 2.9m/5.8m length
(ie: ~ 15-3/4” x 114”/228” length)

Spacing Option Slat Size Spacing
Narrow 20mm *20mm
(~0.80” x 0.80”)
Medium 20mm *30mm
(~0.80” x 1.2”)
Wide 20mm *40mm
(~0.80” x 1.6”)
Mix 20mm *20mm/40mm/60mm
(~0.80” x 0.80”/1.6”/2.4”)

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Standard Colors

We offer 3 standard colors to choose from.

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  • Direct Application
  • Hanging


  • Slat size (width and thickness)
  • Color (topical stains available – see: Color Option Chart)
  • “FSC” material available

Environmental Compliance

  • Made from sustainably harvested, rapidly renewable bamboo (5-year harvesting cycle)
  • E0 (low-VOC) and NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) adhesives and coatings
  • CARB 2 and LEED-Compliant (FSC material available)


  • Bamboo – 100% bamboo
  • Substrate(s):  FELT – Recycled PET


  • Standard product (Dark/Medium/Light) – UV cured water-based urethan
  • “Stains” – Waco Exterior Oil

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