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Unmatched Acoustics | Cutting-Edge Materials

Bringing Value & Function Through Décor

Décor Acoustics aims to simplify the design and décor decisions for specifiers when they are faced with needing to rectify or design for challenging acoustic spaces. Whether for open offices, hospitality and restaurants, or education and healthcare, Décor Acoustics brings cutting edge materials and manufacturing to the forefront, providing unmatched acoustic softening geared to either stand out or seamlessly blend in.

CoreBOO™ Acoustics

CoreBOO Acoustics brings marries sustainable harvesting practices with a sustainable material to create its’ line of acoustical panels made from rapidly renewable bamboo.  With products designed to address diffusion, and those made for selective absorption, sustainable ‘wood’ acoustic panels have never been easier to specify and use.  Multiple options within each product version, ‘design’ has not been circumvented in lieu of sustainability.  Available in 4 standard colors, ranging from a light natural to a dark steamed, plus 10 ‘custom’ colors/stains, design synergy is in your court.

Wave Acoustics

Wave Acoustics fills in our acoustic offerings with a very focused line of very durable recycled PET ‘wave’ panels.  European recycled, sourced, and made, Wave Acoustics leaves no question as to the content of the PET products used.  Averaging between 65-89% of ‘recycled’ input material, the wave panels are extremely durable, rigid, and can be installed in a number of different ways, providing at a minimum of a 0.65 NRC (going up to 0.85 with air space). 


Acoustifoam™ is made from an open-cell, thermoset polymer, that upon microscopic analysis can best be characterized as a material that creates an interwoven network of thin 3-dimensional filaments. This ‘jungle gym’ of fibers trap sound waves, reducing the sound energy, which in turn absorbs the sound.