CoreBOO™ Perf Panel

Our CoreBOO Perf Panel line revolves around the idea of resonant sound absorption, which involves trapping air to modify certain frequencies of sound. Different hole sizes and their densities provide selective absorption of different frequencies, all which can be varied to a greater or lesser extent based on installation method and related ‘air’ space allocated behind our panels. Our CoreBOO Perf Panels come in both ‘T&G strip’ and ‘Solid’ formats.

T&G Strip

The CoreBOO T&G Strip Perf Panels are linear planks available in 3 different face width profiles, with each strip being separated by 2mm, which allows for the centering of a thick perforation through the plank assembly.


The CoreBOO Solid Perf Panels are solid ¾” thick panels that are available in 3 options, each with a different perforation size, and are designed with symmetry and specific frequency absorption in mind. Note: custom perforation diameters and layouts available upon request.


The CoreBOO PET Perf Panels are 1/2” panels that are made by applying perforated CoreBOO veneer onto a recycled PET acoustic substrate.  Available in 3 standard perforation patterns, these panels boost sound absorption when compared to the Solid CoreBOO panels.  Note: custom perforation patterns (diameters and spacing) are available, as are different thicknesses and colors of the PET acoustic substrate.