CoreBOO™ Acoustics

CoreBOO Acoustics brings marries sustainable harvesting practices with a sustainable material to create its’ line of acoustical panels made from rapidly renewable bamboo.  With products designed to address diffusion, and those made for selective absorption, sustainable ‘wood’ acoustic panels have never been easier to specify and use.  Multiple options within each product version, ‘design’ has not been circumvented in lieu of sustainability.  Available in 4 standard colors, ranging from a light natural to a dark steamed, plus 10 ‘custom’ colors/stains, design synergy is in your court.

Slat Panel

Our CoreBOO Slat Panel products provide diffusion by breaking up soundwaves and dampening sound that would otherwise reflect back out into the room. Made from long solid strips of laminated bamboo, the options vary within each assembly, allowing for a multitude of installation options and application types.


 On black painted substrate

Air Mesh

 Made w/ an imbedded acoustic fabric buffer to maximize NRC


On black open cross-members


Flexible, but solid panels on black substrate

Perforated Panels

The CoreBOO Solid Perf Panels are solid ¾” thick panels that are available in 3 options, each with a different perforation size, and are designed with symmetry and specific frequency absorption in mind. Note: custom perforation diameters and layouts available upon request.

SOLID Perforated Panels

3 differen hole patterns / densities

Tongue & Groove Perforated Planks

3 face width options

Groove Panels

CoreBOO GROOVE Panels are CNC milled profile panels cut from laminated solid bamboo stock.  Available in 3 different versions, each with a consistent though different topical profile and pattern, clean, sustainable bamboo lines are yours for the offering.  Comes in our standard 3 colors options, either in a smooth clear urethane, or with a more matte, exterior-grade European oil coating.




All CoreBOO Acoustic panel designs each have 9 different color options.

UV Lacquer Options (for interior applications only)

Rubbed Oil Options (can be used inside or outside)