Acoustifoam™ is made from an open-cell, thermoset polymer, that upon microscopic analysis can best be characterized as a material that creates an interwoven network of thin 3-dimensional filaments. This ‘jungle gym’ of fibers trap sound waves, reducing the sound energy, which in turn absorbs the sound.

Being naturally fire-retardant (without the need to add chemicals to achieve the retardancy) is a main differentiator that Acoustifoam material has over most other sound materials like PET Felt. Light weight, resistant to most organic solvents, having low thermal conductivity and carrying a Class “A” fire rating,  Acoustifoam products not only practice what they preach as far as acoustics, but they have the attributes that make them an ideal interior décor material.


Our Acoustifoam™ TILES bring our highly customizable and acoustic absorptive material really into the realm of “design’. Available in 10 standard patterns, these large format tiles come in a natural white color, though can further be color customized through our Pantone Custom Coloring (PCC). Touting an NRC rating of 0.70 (compare to 0.25 for 7mm felt), Acoustifoam Tiles provide truly decorative sound absorption.

Flat Panels

Acoustifoam™ Flat Panels are a line of lightweight, dimensionally sized panels, that are available in multiple thicknesses to enable the maximization of absorptive space acoustics. With an NRC of 1.0 at 2” in thickness, it is easy to see how the Acoustifoam material outshines the competition within the acoustic design space.

Ceiling Baffles

Acoustifoam™ Ceiling Baffles are available in flat, sinuous, double ‘S’, and cylindrical options – all designed to be easily hung from the ceiling or ceiling support structure. Available in standard lengths (up to 8’), the Ceiling Baffles allow for an acoustic multiplier effect, being that when the baffles are hung, their overall absorption is the sum of the absorption on all sides of the material (including what would typically be the back of the panel if hung on a wall). Available in natural white or via ‘PCC’ (Pantone Custom Coloring).

Ceiling Panels

Acoustifoam™ Ceiling Panels are highly absorptive acoustic panels designed to be mounted into an existing drop ceiling assembly or applied directly onto the ceiling surface.   Provides an instant transformation of room acoustics, with the flexibility of matching or contrasting aesthetics – available in natural white or ‘PCC’ (Pantone Custom Colored).