WAVE Acoustics

WAVE Acoustics fills in our acoustic offerings with a very focused line of very durable recycled PET ‘wave’ panels.  European recycled, sourced, and made, WAVE Acoustics leaves no question as to the content of the PET products used.  Averaging between 65-89% of ‘recycled’ input material, the wave panels are extremely durable, rigid, and can be installed in a number of different ways, providing at a minimum of a 0.65 NRC (going up to 0.85 with air space).


The WAVE SINE panels have symmetrical undulating ribs that bring calm and consistency to any wall or space.


The WAVE GRADATION panels provide a more abrupt individual rib pattern, but the flat base is elongated as you progress down the panels’ length


The WAVE BUMP pattern is more rounded and consists of varying height bumps that when hung vertically appear more like a naturally pleated curtain.


WAVE Acoustics also offers a FLAT Panel to complement the ‘wave’ profiles within the main line.  In a 10mm thickness, the FLAT Wave offers a unidimensional option in the same beautiful colors. 

All WAVE Acoustic panel designs each have 11 different color options.