CoreBoo™ Drop-In Panel

The CoreBOO DROP-IN Panels are designed for simple placement within standard suspended ceiling grids.  The panels are available in both Slat Panel versions and a Perforated Panel version.  The Slat Panel versions come in 2 standard profiles (FLAT and TALL), with each profile available in 3 different configurations based on the ‘backer’ type (OPEN, AIR-MESH, and FELT).  The Perforated Panel version comes in 3 standard perforation patterns.  The Perforated Panels are made via a ‘sandwich’ construction of laminating a solid bamboo veneer onto a thin aluminum plate, and then applying that perforated assembly onto a ½” recycled PET base.  All the CoreBOO Drop-In Panels come in standard sizes of 2’x2’ and 4’x2’.  Every version is available in the 12 standard colors. 

SLAT Panel profiles:

FLAT profile

  • Slat width: 35mm (~1-3/8”)
  • Slat height: 16mm (~5/8”)
  • Gap spacing: 25mm (1”)
FLAT Drop-In (2’x2’) FLAT Drop-In (4’x2’)

TALL profile

  • Slat width: 16mm (~5/8”)
  • Slat height: 35mm (~1-3/8”)
  • Gap spacing: 34mm (~1-3/8”)
TALL Drop-In (2’x2’) TALL Drop-In (4’x2’)

SLAT Panel configurations (ie: ‘backer’ types):


Note: this image represents the OPEN assembly, but the Slat size is used only for reference.

For the ‘OPEN’ construction, the CoreBOO Slats are fastened to a 5/8” thick aluminum cross beam.  The cross beam(s) extend beyond the length of the long side of the slats, and beyond the edges of the perimeter pieces to allow for simple ‘drop-and-go’ installation. 


Note: this image represents the OPEN assembly, but the Slat size is used only for reference.

The ‘AIR- MESH’ construction is made by mounting the CoreBOO Slats onto a ½” bamboo cross beam and sandwiching an acoustic ‘Air Mesh’ fabric between the 2 layers.   The Air Mesh fabric is designed to provide high noise reduction coefficients for the assembly (NRC = 0.75 when there is an 8” or greater ‘air plenum’ above the panel). 


Note: this image represents the OPEN assembly, but the Slat size is used only for reference.

The ‘FELT’ construction uses a 3/8” recycled PET felt as the panel substrate, providing an NRC of 0.30.  The PET thickness can also be increased for higher NRC values.  The ‘default’ PET color is BLACK, though other colors are also available (inquire if interested).

PERFORATED Panel profiles:

Perforation diameter: 8mm (~ 1/3”)
Perforation separation: 32mm (~1-1/3”)
Orientation: Offset
Perforation diameter: 6mm (~ 1/4”)
Perforation separation: 16mm (~2/3”)
Orientation: Parallel
Perforation diameter: 1mm (~ 1/25”)
Perforation separation: 3mm (~1/8”)
Orientation: Parallel

For the “Perforated Panel” construction, the CoreBOO Perforated bamboo is attached to a thin aluminum layer, which is then mounted onto a 1” thick ‘black’ recycled PET substrate (other PET colors are available, and different thicknesses of PET can also be used)

UV Lacquer Options (for interior applications only)

Rubbed Oil Options (can be used inside or outside)

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  • Direct Application


  • Color (topical stains available – see: Color Option Chart)
  • “FSC” material available

Environmental Compliance

  • Made from sustainably harvested, rapidly renewable bamboo (5-year harvesting cycle)
  • E0 (low-VOC) and NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) adhesives and coatings
  • CARB 2 and LEED-Compliant (FSC material available)


  • Bamboo – 100% bamboo


  • Standard product (Dark/Medium/Light) – UV cured water-based urethan
  • “Stains” – Waco Exterior Oil

Product Documentation

  • Product Data Sheet
  • CSI Specification
  • Installation Instructions